The Free Hanseatic Town of Bremen

With round about 750.000 inhabitants Bremen is the smallest federal state. The city of Bremen is with its about 590.000 inhabitants the tenth largest town in Germany. Above all, Bremen is a `green` town on the river. As Bremer we also say about our town that it is like a village with its own tram. Over the years Bremen has molted. Particularly the Überseestadt gives the Hanseatic Town a new face.

And furthermore Bremen has a lot of sights to see.

Old town with market square, town hall, Ratskeller, St.-Petri-Dom, Werder Bremen, Mercedes Benz, Becks brewery, Roland statue of Bremen, town musicians, Böttcherstraße, House of citizens and Schnoor quarter, Weserpromenade „Schlachte“, Universum, AWD-Dome Bremen,Martini-church, Wallanlagen, theater, Stadthalle Bremen, harbour tours, Überseemuseum, art museum, University, Weserstadion, botanical garden, airport.